21 Clever Hints to Get Amazon Gift Cards FOR FREE

Part of what makes online shopping fun is finding ways to lower your purchase costs. If you can find a way to get additional discounts on discounted items, you’re a happy camper!

To add fun to your shopping adventure on the Internet, here are ways to score Amazon Gift Cards without losing a cent.


  1. Gain mobile rewards

Some apps give you credits for completing offers and other tasks, allowing you to get paid to (GPT) do such gigs.


  1. Watch trailers of apps

Whether via Android or iOS, you can earn points for previewing trailers of various apps and ticking off reviews to improve them. You can then convert these points to get an Amazon GC.


  1. Answer Opinion Outpost surveys

Completing surveys on this site help you earn credits that you can use to earn prizes or convert them to cash (or a GC).


  1. Complete Survey Spot evaluations

This site, which is another GPT opportunity, is actually one of the best paying survey portals out there; it’s also the oldest.


  1. Do MySurvey panels

There is a mobile app version that you can use to work on while on the go. Credits can still be converted to prizes and other perks.


  1. Join Amazon Associates

Getting into this program is free. It lets you earn commissions every time someone clicks the unique link given to you that you can set up on your blog or site.


  1. Use Bing Rewards

When you register with this program, you start racking up points whenever you use Bing, although there is a daily limit as to how many points you can earn in a day. The points can be converted to rewards.


  1. Add Google Screenwise

This is a Google Chrome add on that tracks your Internet use. You get a free gift off the bat and further rewards every 3 months.


  1. Sign up for Fatwallet

This site is a promotional portal that offers a wide variety of coupons that can be used with different retailers. There’s a cash back feature included in your sign up that you can use to get GCs.


  1. Register with Amazon Promotions

You’ll get updates about current promotions plus options on whether to spend for gift cards. You can also make money off this arrangement.


  1. Get an Amazon Visa Card

This is acredit card that gives you rewards. You can get 1% back from what you shopped and 2% back from gas expenses. You also can get 3% back from what you bought at Amazon.


  1. Benefit from Amazon Trade-In

Have items you no longer use? You can trade it in at no shipping cost. You also will be given Amazon Gift Cards in return for your stuff, particularly electronic devices and textbooks.


  1. Use Coinstar

This basically turns your coins into cash. You can even exchange your coins for Amazon Gift Cards without having to deal with service charges.


  1. Exchange old stuff at Gazelle

Trade in your old electronics here in exchange for Amazon Gift Cards. You can also opt to be paid in cash via PayPal, though.


  1. Trade at Cardpool

If you have unused gift cards, trade them in for Amazon cards via this website. The site usually accepts most of the gift cards offered by various brands.


  1. Answer Valued Opinions surveys

This survey site is one of the rather famous ones online. You can get Amazon GCs in exchange for your evaluation efforts.


  1. Earn rewards at PrizeRebel

This is another GPT site that allows you to use your reward points to buy items at Amazon. Doing this spares you from the hassle of converting your points to your desired reward.


  1. Use Swagbucks

On this site, there are many ways to earn swag, as in “Swag Bucks.” You can take part in promotions, surveys, or trade ins just to earn enough to get free Gift Cards.


  1. Gain points at RecycleBank

Ring up points and prizes on this site by reading a variety of articles, and really helpful ones at that. This site is great for those inclined to all things eco-friendly.


  1. Get busy at MyPoints

Like Swagbucks, if you take part in a variety of tasks on offer in this site, you earn daily rewards. You can even get actual payouts for playing certain games.


  1. Earn from Mechanical Turk

This site is actually an Amazon branch. It’s focused on crowd sourcing and offers a wealth of short-term tasks. The rewards for completing them will go directly to your Amazon Payments account. You can then use them to buy items at Amazon or just move them to your bank account.

Have you tried any of these options lately? Tell us about it!